Arnold Invitational ADCC

Arnold Invitational ADCC
Arnold Invitational ADCC

The 2021 Arnold UK NoGi Invitational held under official ADCC UK sanctioned rules. If you would like an invite please visit to apply. There will be 8 athlete max per division limit.

This tournament aims to showcase the best submission fighting skills, under what many regard the best ruleset in front of the fans, companies & stars in attendance of the Arnold Sports Festival.

Male(18+) Professional Rules: -65.9Kg, -76.9Kg, -87.9Kg, -98.9Kg, +99Kg

Females (18+) Advanced: -60Kg, -65Kg, +65Kg

  Can I compete?

Professional/Advanced: 4yrs+ Training/competing. Once you have competed at this level you can not move back to the lower level at any official ADCC rules/regulated events.

Athletes are only required to weigh once prior to competing. There is a 0.0 weight allowance at the scale.

  Current schedule

09:00 - 09:45: Weigh ins

10:00 - 10:15: Rules Meeting

10:30 : First bouts begin

For more information on ADCC Rules & Regulations please visit

Where required brackets can & may be merged.

Please note this event does NOT cost £716, it carries a small £16 admin fee. For an invite (which includes the coupon for the actual/discounted £16 fee) please go to:

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