Roll Models 14

Roll Models 14



We are pleased to announce the date for our next White/Blue belt competition including gi and no-gi divisions

After selling out RM13 so quickly we decided to offer those that missed out a chance to compete with us with a quick turnaround. Roll Models 14 is scheduled for October 17th. Our tournament will again be open to White and Blue belt competitors featuring a modified Ibjjf ruleset and Super fights at higher belts.

Adult Single early entry just £26.00,  dual Gi and No-Gi just £40

Over 35’s Male division available.

Free absolutes available (sign up on the day).

modified IBJJF = wear any colour gi (no ripstop jackets)

No Judo black belts, high level wrestlers or pro mma athletes in White belt or Beginners divisions. White Belts who are either Judo Black Belts, high level wrestlers or those with Pro MMA experience can compete at Blue Belt with their coaches permission (wearing a white belt).

ALL WEIGH IN'S WITHOUT THE GI. Please weigh in at least 1 hour before your division starts.

Spectators £4, coaches free (1 per team)

Ormiston Horizon Academy, Stoke-on-Trent


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